TK PRO vest 029 DXAL farge 104

TK PRO skytevest med Alcantara (skinn) på skulderen og 2 lommer foran.

PrisNOK3 990,00 inkl. mva.


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PRO: A revolution in terms of the shooting vest concept. A technical product that can no longer be defined as a “vest”. Some details in particular:

  • The presence of a sleeve satisfies the need to anchor the recoil pad in the perfect position, allowing unparalleled sensitivity.

  • The use of new and stretch materials provides an innovative, highly comfortable and distinctive fit compared to other products on the market.

  • A recoil pad designed to optimise grip and resistance in the “trap” version in Alcantara and smooth and ergonomic in the “skeet” version in fabric.

  • The option of sublimatically printing the mesh fabric allows the garment to be customised to levels comparable to those of other sports, for example cycling, an unthinkable achievement in the sector until now.